Seva Team Announcement

June 21st 2020:

Beginning after July 5th 2020, our Satsang registration process will be slightly different. You will still receive an email reminder 1 week prior to each event date, but now you will be redirected to our Event Calendar on to Register. We are doing this in order to simplify our emails, which will help eliminate the risk of it ending up in your spam box or blocked all together, which has been an ongoing dilemma for many. It also ensures that you always know where to come should you want to register for an event... the *EVENTS* page on In addition to this change, we will also begin sending out email reminders to all Zoom registrants 1 day prior to the event that you registered for. Change is good; thank you for being patient as we grow & evolve. 

We hope this helps make things easier for you moving forward. 

Love & Light from Sharada Ma's Devoted Seva Sadhakas! 

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