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“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.”

-Ramana Maharshi


Welcome to Satsang

(Described by a Student of Sharada Ma after Self Realization)

"Satsang is where Truth & Joy manifest... where Freedom comes on her chariot of Divine Love, to silently carry the soul away from the land of suffering & ego, forever.

As seekers, we have scoured the endless dry desert of Samsara, (ignorance) through which, Grace has guided us to our own Sublime-Self, in the form of The Guru; a most sacred oasis, where we can drink until we burst.

It is from the heart of Arunachala Shiva that The Supreme Reality flows through The Guru; drowning thirsty souls who sit in the presence of Satsang, so that they may die the "ego-death", peacefully in the arms of Grace, and be delivered to the promised land of supreme Bliss & Joy everlasting; abiding as Formless Para-Brahman, (Supreme Reality) ever more..."


A Sadhaka in Samadhi after an Infinite Grace Transmission 

The Infinite Grace Transmission (I.G.T) is a unique & powerful catalyst for deep cleansing on the cellular level, mental & emotional levels, as well as spiritually; resulting in an inner awakening in the recipient, eventually bringing the sincere Sadhaka (practioner) to 

Self-Realization or full recognition of their own enlightened state of consciousness.

Every Satsang ends with an hour long submersion in deep meditation, where Ma initiates the Infinite Grace Transmission. We have concluded over time, that the I.G.T functions beyond time & space. It's effects can be felt even if you are half way around the world, watching the live-stream. Even recordings of the transmission render the same palpable effects. 

The energy, which flows directly from

Shiva (Pure Consciousness) offers immeasurable benefit & support, and sparks life-changing transformations in the recipient. Sharada Ma often reminds us, it is only Arunachala Shiva, who flows through her; who is the manifestation of Shiva, in the form of the fire element, in the Vedic Shastras. Do you have the courage to go through the Samvit (Divine) Fire? 

Infinite Grace Transmission

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