2021 Silent Retreat Schedule

(Save the dates)
1 Day Retreat: May 29th
2 Day Retreat: June 26th & 27th
1 Day Retreat: July 31st
2 Day Retreat: August 28th & 29th
1 Day Retreat: September 25th
2 Day Retreat: October 30th & 31st
1 Day Retreat: November 27th

Silent Retreat Registration

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1 Day Silent Retreat with Sharada Ma

Saturday, May 29th

11am - 5pm PST

Beloved Sadhakas, Namaste!

Ma is not charging anyone to attend this month's Full day Retreat. However, it is still by invitation only.

For assistance or questions, email us: Satsang@SharadaMa.org

As always, Ma requests you attend the full day - without exception.

Since this is a private event, we thank you in advance for not extending this invitation to others, asking others if they've been invited,

or sharing this webpage with others.

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Retreat Schedule

(To give you an idea of how each day will flow)

10:50am - Be online for a brief orientation on the day.

11:00am - We're ready to sit with Ma

11:00am-1:30pm - Satsang / Discourse, Q & A, Infinite Grace Transmission and meditation.

1:30 - 3:00pm - Lunch break

3:00 - 5:00pm - Satsang & Meditation

(Please read carefully)